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What is The James?



In 2019, Newbury Living opened its first luxury apartments with the 25-unit 4000 Ingersoll.  Almost immediately the building was fully occupied with individuals who valued a premium apartment and excellent service. 

Soon after, development for the 56-unit The James began.  Signature features such as multiple, large windows, extra large balconies, and gas ranges were continued and enhanced.  In addition, new amenities were added such as a courtyard with artificial turf and outdoor fire place, a covered rooftop patio, an enhanced fitness room, and a first floor commons styled after fine hotels.  

This line of Newbury Living luxury apartments has been designated as CAPRI -

Condo Alternative Premium Rental Infill

Condo Alternative - For many, there are times in life when owning a house is not the ideal situation.  Home repair or updates, yardwork, instability of the housing market, the need for flexibility, the desire to invest in real estate in other locations, downsizing, frequent travel, etc.  Condo living can address some of those issues, but not all.  Maintenance and updates are still required, and the value of your property can fluctuate.  There are also Home Owner Associations and HOA fees and unexpected  assessment fees to deal with.  With a premium rental, you can have the quality space of a condo without any of those responsibilities or extra costs.  In fact, many early reservation holders for The James have previously owned condos or have considered a purchase.  The common refrain is excitement for the "no hassles" premium rental living will provide.

Premium Rental - With a premium rental, you are getting a great apartment + excellent service.  When you travel, you can leave with confidence.  If you have maintenance needs, they will be handled professional and timely.  If you would like to host an event or board meeting in our common spaces, we will help prepare.  If you have guests coming to stay, we are keeping a 2-bedroom unit as a guest suite.  Your experience is important.

Infill - The James was specifically built to be within a strong, existing neighborhood rather than on the outskirts or in a downtown setting.  This is intentional, as it provides premium rental options in the neighborhood individuals have lived or wish to live without requiring purchasing real estate.  

If you would like to take a tour to see available units and learn more about The James, please complete the form below to arrange a tour, or feel free to call 515-393-0039.

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